T1N 2001-2003 Sprinter Van Mercedes | Mopar intake manifold Gasket


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High-quality, Genuine Mercedes / Mopar OES intake manifold gasket OR New Elring Klinger Engine Intake Manifold Gasket for Sprinter T1N , including both 2500 and 3500 editions.

One of the key parts of the engine is the intake manifold, whose main role is to ensure that the right air-fuel mix arrives on time at each of the engine’s cylinders. This small part has a big boost to the car’s overall performance and a blown intake manifold gasket can make the entire system less efficient as the air-fuel mixture will be inaccurate, and some of the gases will escape.

The intake manifold gasket works to seal the gaps between the air intake manifold, the engine block and the various cylinder heads. Gaskets can be made of a variety of different materials including cork paper, soft metal, rubber, and asbestos. The makeup of the gasket will determine whether or not it will be long-lasting or prone to wearing out quickly. Nearly all gaskets wear out over time due to the constant exposure to toxic engine fluids, gases and the pressure and extreme heat of the environment.

Covered by Mercedes-Benz Vehicle Service Parts and
Accessories Limited Warranty Click here for information
As with any seal point, you need to fully understand the environment in order to make a proper gasket material selection.

What To Pay Attention To
  1. Fluid Compatibility. Is your gasket compatible with the designated fluids? …
  2. Temperature Capability. …
  3. Conformance. …
  4. Release or Slip Tolerance.
  5. Guaranteed to fit the following models:

    • 2001-2003 Sprinter T1N 2.7L OM612 Diesel
    • 2004-2006 Sprinter T1N 2.7L OM647 Diesel


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Genuine Mercedes Gasket, Elring Gasket