T1N Dodge 2002-2003 Sprinter Van Genuine Mercedes Oil Fill level sensor


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Genuine Mercedes Oil Fill level sensor for your Dodge 2002-2003 Sprinter Van

Comes with Genuine Mercedes O-Ring

How to replace the Oil Level Sensor in a Mercedes Benz?

Has the engine light appeared on your dashboard? Unfortunately this can be linked to a number of issues wrong with your vehicle, and is simply an indication that one of the electronic components of the vehicle is picking up an error or isn’t working correctly.

Unless you have an intricate knowledge of your Mercedes Benz, you may want to take your car to a mechanic to diagnose it properly. Normally, you will find yourself with a fairly minor issue that you can choose to get repaired then and their, or if you are feeling brave, repair it yourself.

If it happens to be your oil level sensor, then it is possible to repair your Mercedes Benz without having to go to your local garage. Have a read below to find out the tools you will need and the steps to follow to replace your oil level sensor.

What you will need to replace your Oil Level Sensor

There are a number of tools you will need in order to complete the replacement, along with a clear space you can use to jack up your vehicle so you can reach underneath safely. The following tools will be required:

– A Trolley Jack
– 4x Heavy Duty Axle Stands
– Mechanic Tool Set
– Bucket or alternative plastic container
– Old towels or rags
– Sealant to reinstall oil pan [Optional]


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