Yakima EXO Swing Away Storage System w/ 2 Enclosed Cargo Carriers

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Yakima Hitch Cargo Carrier for your T1N 2001-2006 Sprinter Van – Y74ZR

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  • Enclosed Carrier
  • Swing Away Carrier
  • Fits 2 Inch Hitch
  • 60 Inch Long
  • 23 inch Wide
  • Steel
  • Class III
  • Class IV
  • Yakima
  • Light Duty

This EXO system offers plenty of dry, secure storage for road trips or camping trips. Enclosed cargo carriers detach so you can carry your gear to the campsite or hotel room in a trip or 2. System swings away to provide cargo area access.

t1n 2001-2006 yakima roof rack installation instructions

t1n 2001-2006 yakima installation instructions


  • Modular EXO system hauls your gear using your T1N 2001-2006 Sprinter Van hitch receiver
    • Top level can be removed if you don’t need to utilize both cargo carriers
    • Additional accessories (sold separately) can be added to adapt your setup for biking and skiing
  • Enclosed cargo carriers provide a secure place to store gear while traveling
    • Easily detach so two people can carry your gear to the campsite or hotel room in a single trip or two
  • System swings away from vehicle while fully loaded for cargo area access
    • Top level rotates 180-degrees back, providing access to gear on lower level
  • Cleat system and SpeedKnobs allow cargo carriers to be removed without tools
  • Same Key System (SKS) locks deter theft of system, accessories, and gear
    • Cores can be swapped out to match your other Yakima accessories
  • Anti-rattle hitch pin reduces movement of rack in hitch receiver
  • Powder coated steel base system is rust resistant
    • Premium ABS plastic cargo carriers have a scratch-resistant automotive finish



  • Application: 2″ x 2″ hitch receivers
  • Enclosed cargo carrier storage capacity (each): 10 cu ft
    • Weight capacity (on top): 80 lbs
    • Weight capacity (on bottom): 100 lbs
  • Cargo carrier dimensions: 23″ long x 60″ wide x 16″ tall
  • Distance from center of hitch pin hole to:
    • Closest part of rack: 4-1/4″
    • Farthest part of rack: 35-1/2″
  • Total system weight: 157 lbs
    • Cargo carrier weight: 28 lbs (each)
  • Limited lifetime warranty
    • 2-Year limited warranty on cargo carriers



  • The EXO System is only approved for use with the Yakima StraightShot 2″ hitch extender (Y69VR – sold separately). Do not use this system with other hitch extenders or adapters.
  • Locks included with the top and bottom tier may not use the same key, but they can be swapped out to ensure they’re all keyed alike.

Approved for use on cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs - not approved for fifth wheels, motorhomes, towable campers, or flat-towed vehicles

Modular Gear-Carrying System

Yakima EXO Modular System
This modular system includes 2 enclosed cargo carriers, so your camping gear stays secure, dry, and away from prying eyes. The two-tier base system swings away, while fully loaded, for rear cargo area access, and the top tier can be removed if you only need to carry 1 cargo carrier.


Because the Yakima EXO system is modular it lets you transform your hitch into the ultimate gear-carrying rig. You can outfit the system with various accessories (sold separately) to carry all your biking, camping, and skiing gear. The system is compatible with a bike rack, ski rack, cargo carrier, and an enclosed cargo carrier, and you can easily swap them out to match any outdoor activity. You can also add base camp accessories, like a camping table. Lastly, because you can carry two accessories on the back of your T1N 2001-2006 Sprinter Van, it frees up space on your roof to carry even more gear.


Enclosed Cargo Carriers

Yakima EXO SYstem bike rack
Each enclosed cargo carrier has 10 cu ft of storage space for carrying sports equipment, clothes, and other gear. They’re easy to detach the from the base unit, making them convenient for two people to tote all your gear to the campsite in a single trip or two.

Yakima EXO System bike rack
The wide-mouth opening on each carrier makes it easy to load your gear and find individual items at the campsite. Integrated straps inside the carriers secure your gear so it doesn’t slide around when you’re on the road. Spring-based levers on each side hold the lid open, so you can use both hands while loading and unloading.


Swing-Away Design for Rear Cargo Area Access

Yakima EXO System with bike rack and cargo carrier
The hinged arm on the base lets you swing the unit away from your T1N 2001-2006 Sprinter Van. This provides full access to your T1N 2001-2006 Sprinter Van rear cargo area and eliminates the need remove the cargo carriers when you’re unloading your T1N 2001-2006 Sprinter Van or your dog hop in or out of the back.

Yakima SwingBase Lever Safety Latch Demonstration Swinging Open
To open the hinged arm, simply rotate the release knob counterclockwise until it’s unscrewed from the arm, pull out on the spring pin, and swing the rack away from the rear of your vehicle. The arm will lock in place when it’s fully extended, so your hands are free to open your hatch and remove cargo.

Yakima TopShelf swings 180 degrees
In addition to allowing access to your vehicle’s cargo area, the EXO can also provide access to your gear stored on the lower level. Once the base unit is fully extended, you can swing the top tier back 180 degrees, with your gear and cargo carrier still attached. This will provide unfettered access to the cargo carrier on the lower level.

Yakima SwingBase Lever Safety Latch
To close the base unit, just pull the release lever at the hinge and swing the extended arm back into position. Once you hear the spring pin lock into place, rotate the knob clockwise until it’s tight.


If you leave the base swung open for an extended period of time, you’ll need to install the included jack stand to help stabilize the arm. Turn the rod on the jack to fine tune the height so the system stays level.


Easy Installation and Setup

Yakima SwingBase Lever Safety Latch
To install the EXO system, simply slide the shank on the base unit into your 2″ hitch receiver, insert the threaded hitch pin, and tighten it down with the included 24-mm wrench. The threaded hitch pin also reduces noise and movement in your hitch. The second tier bolts to the base to provide the second level of storage.

Yakima SwingBase Lever Safety Latch
Dual arms on each tier have tracks with cleats and SpeedKnobs that secure EXO accessories. To swap the a cargo carrier for a different accessory, undo the latches on the sides of the arms, rotate the SpeedKnobs to allow the cleats inside the tracks to free the carrier, and remove it. Next, put the new accessory in the tracks, rotate the SpeedKnobs so the cleats secure it, then close each latch.


Complete Security for EXO System, Accessories, and Gear

Yakima Built-in Locks
This EXO system includes 10 SKS locks to secure the system, carriers, and your gear. The two tiers have locks that secure them to each other and to your vehicle’s hitch receiver. Both tiers also have locks in the arms to secure the GearLocker enclosed cargo carriers. Finally, each enclosed cargo carrier has a lock to secure your gear inside. Because each GearLocker only uses 1 lock, this EXO configuration will come with 2 extra lock cores.


The SKS locks for the system come with the 2 base units – 5 with each. Because they are packaged separately, the locks for the top tier and bottom tier probably won’t be keyed alike. However, they can be swapped out to match each other and even your other Yakima gear.


EXO System Accessories

Because the EXO System is modular you can add accessories for whatever adventure you have planned, or swap them out for other activities.

Yakima BackDeck
The BackDeck camping table (Y84VR – sold separately) is perfect for use at the campsite. It lets you prep meals, lay out your gear, and even mix drinks at the end of the day. Simply remove the cargo carrier on the top level and install the table. It stores conveniently inside one of the enclosed cargo carriers, during transport.


Yakima BackDeck
The SnowBank (Y57VR – sold separately) is perfect for your ski trip. It carries up to 5 pairs of skis or 4 snowboards. It has an expanding hinge that accommodates thick skis and large buttons that let you access your skis even if you’re wearing gloves. Simply remove the cargo carrier on the top level and install this carrier in its place.

The DoubleUp 2-bike rack has ratcheting hooks that grab your bikes firmly by the front wheel – not the frame. It’s perfect for carrying nearly any bike, including bikes with carbon frames, disc brakes, thru axles, or full suspensions. Simply remove the enclosed cargo carrier on the top level and install this carrier in its place.

If you want to carry coolers, luggage, and other larger, bulky gear, you can swap out one of the enclosed cargo carriers for the GearWarrior cargo carrier (Y37VR – sold separately). There is also a wheel kit (Y97VR – sold separately) that converts the cargo carrier into a wagon, so you can wheel your gear to the campsite. The GearWarrior can be installed on either the top or bottom tier so you can maximize cargo space.


8002715 Yakima EXO SwingBase – 2″ Hitches

8002716 EXO TopShelf for Yakima EXO SwingBase

8002718 Yakima EXO GearLocker Cargo Box – 10 Cubic Feet

Additional information

Weight 157 lbs
Dimensions 66 × 36 × 36 in


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