Rodent Repellent | Mouse Blocker Classic for Your T1N 2001-2006 Sprinter Van


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Mouse Blocker – Ultra sonic Rodent Repellent for Your T1N 2001-2006 Sprinter Van

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The Ultimate In Protection: Guaranteed!

Mouse Blocker has a complete product line of solutions developed specifically to protect your vehicle and equipment from the costly damage caused by mice and other rodents including rats, squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits and more. Easy Install Rodent Repellent Mouse Blocker Classic installation instructions T1N 2001-2006 Sprinter Van

Mouse Blocker Classic

– Simple 2 or 3 wire hookup direct to battery or 12V power source
– 12 Volt DC power requirements
– The worlds first ultra sonic deterrent dedicated to automobiles
– Low amp draw to keep your battery charged
– Powerful at 85db
– Only 0.1 Watt draw for long run times on a battery


The Mouse Blocker is the worlds first ultrasonic mouse deterrent dedicated to 12V applications. The Mouse Blocker is a 12 Volt powered device releasing an ultrahigh frequency noise (that sounds like a jackhammer to humans) to deter mice from nesting inside your T1N 2001-2006 Sprinter Van. The Mouse Blocker is designed to protect vehicles from clogged or blocked interior areas, which can ultimately result in severe damage to your vehicle. The Mouse Blocker runs exclusively off a vehicle’s 12V battery or anywhere with a 12V power supply so you don’t have to worry about dying flashlight batteries or extension cords.

The Mouse Blocker installs in your engine compartment and is designed to be stable in this harsh environment. Safe at under high under hood temperatures, stable at well below zero Canadian winters and unaffected by moisture and dampness associated with exterior operation. Stable in areas of heavy vibrations like tractors and mowers and compact enough (about the size of a deck of playing cards) to hide almost anywhere.

The Mouseblocker Classic is perfect for T1N 2001-2006 Sprinter Van, Motorcycles, Snowmobiles, Mowers and farm equipment, ATV’s and Jetskis.  Many of our RV dealers use multiple Classics spread out throughout the RV or Camper to protect the space.

The Mouse Blocker Classic hits at a very powerful 85 decibels.


For protecting T1N 2001-2006 Sprinter Van, cars and trucks, check out the MouseBlocker PRO or if you just want the most powerful deterrent on the market today.


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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 4 in


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