Espar / Eberspacher Airtronic D2 12v (2.2kW) Heater Kit for your 2001-2006 Sprinter Van – Free Shipping


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The Espar Airtronic D2 Air Heater Kit for your T1N 2001-2006 Sprinter Van

There are over 150 Variations of Espar that will fit your Sprinter Van.


Ideal for travelling and camping in high altitudes, this 12V Espar airtronic D2 diesel heater is a powerful and economical heater suitable for a wide range of campervans, caravans, vans and trucks. It can operate at up to 2,200 meters / 7200 feet feet and offers 4 heat output levels, plus an air ventilation mode. Its flexible ducting makes it easy to heat all areas of your vehicle. Espar heaters are among the most popular in the market, and the easy availability of parts and repair shops means installation and maintenance are no hassle at all.

Key features of the Espar D2 Heater Kit

  • The Espar D2 is a 12V diesel powered heater that operates as a forced air heater.
  • It offers a 2.2kW / 7500BTU heat output and has 4 different heating levels – low, medium, high, and power (boost) – so it is easy to achieve the heat level you want.
  • The Espar D2 diesel heater also has an air ventilation mode for circulating cold air through the ducting system, perfect for cooling your cabin or living area on warm nights.
  • It uses an integrated internal temperature sensor for temperature monitoring. An additional external temperature sensor is available and recommended, as this can be placed in locations like your sleeping area and provides higher accuracy and comfort level.
  • The Espar D2 Heater Kit is simple to install and maintain, and comes with all the necessary parts for installation (see full contents of the kit below).
  • It is also compact, which means it can be installed under the passenger seat, in small compartments within your van or trailer, or externally (external mounting requires additional accessories – our customer support team can help you find these).
  • The Espar D2 Heater Kit can operate in altitudes of up to 2,200 meters / 7200 feet, and can be used at even higher altitudes with an additional High Altitude Kit.
  • The Espar D2 uses CAN, LIN and S+ system communication protocols which means it is compatible with early generation controllers. So you can use the controller from your previous models of heater with your new Espar D2.

User benefits of the Espar D2 Heater Kit

The Espar D2 diesel heater is the most reliable and powerful 2kW heater on the market. Diesel powered with a 2.2kW / 7500BTU heat output, it is easy to install and even easier to maintain. What’s more, it is compact, meaning it can be installed under the passenger seat, small compartments or externally (external mounting accessories are required). And beyond convenience, there’s the accuracy of temperature control that you associate with Espar diesel heaters. And for extra accuracy, you can purchase an external temperature unit for your Espar D2 heater that can override the internally mounted temperature sensor to provide you the highest level of temperature control. There are 4 heating levels – low, medium, high, power, and an air ventilation mode to help you cool down your vehicle or living space. The unit also comes with enhanced on screen diagnostics, making it easier for you to catch any issues as they appear.

What really sets the Espar D2 Heater kit apart from other economical heaters is its ability to be used at high altitudes. Espar’s unique altitude adjustment feature means that it can work at 2200 meters, around 700 meters higher than its competitors, and if you want to use your Espar D2 even higher than that, you can purchase the special High Altitude kit.  And if you are the kind of person who likes to have the ability to finetune your heater kit, you’ll find that the Espar D2 Heater is customisable. As it uses LIN, CAN and S+ technologies, it gives you greater freedom for custom control builds.

Who the Espar D2 is suitable for

The Espar D2 Heater is the perfect fit, whatever your vehicle. You can use it to efficiently and economically heat your:

  • Truck
  • Van (Sprinter, Promaster, Explorer, Vario, Crafter, Movano, VW BUS)
  • Campervan
  • Caravan
  • Military / Army / Defense / Emergency vehicles
  • Horse box
  • Mobile Workshop
  • Boat (requires marine kit). There is an option to add a marine kit to your order – click here

Heatso’s engineers are here to help

The Espar D2 is an excellent heating option for your vehicle. But if you have any questions about it, or would like to hear about other options, our customer service is onhand to help. And when you do find the ideal solution to meet your needs, our engineers are available to talk you through the whole installation process, step by step.

Technical Data:

Fuel Diesel – EN 590
Heat Flow Control Unit Power Large Medium Small Off
Heat Flow Watt 2200 1800 1200 850
BTU 7500 6142 4095 2900
Fuel Consumption l / h 0.28 0.23 0.15 0.1
gal/ h 0.07 0.05 0.04 0.026
Average Power consumption Watt 34 23 12 8 4
Average Power Consumption while Starting Watt 120
Rate Voltage Volts 12 volts
Dimensions LxWxH mm 310x115x122

Espar / Eberspacher Part Number: 

252675050000 / 25.2675.05.0000 / 25.2675.05.00.00 / 25.2069.05.0000.0Z

25 2675 05 0000 / 25 2675 05 00 00 / 25 2069.05.0000.0Z

Kit Contents:

  • Espar / Eberspacher airtronic D2 heater
  • Fuel pump (12v)
  • Fuel hose
  • Fuel T piece kit
  • Controller of your choice
  • Exhaust Silencer / Muffler
  • Electrical harnesses
  • Stainless steel exhaust pipe – approx. 90cm
  • Combustion intake pipe
  • Flexible ducting (60 mm. diameter)
  • Inlet / Outlet grills
  • Air outlet grill (60 mm. diameter)
  • Screws, clips and plastic straps required for installation
  • Installation manual CD
  • Warranty documentation

Shipping Times:

  • United States – 1 Working Day
  • United Kingdom – 1 Working Day
  • Western Europe – 2-3 Working Days
  • Eastern Europe – 3-5 Working Days
  • Scandinavian Countries – 2-3 Working Days
  • Australia / New Zealand – 2-3 Working Days
  • Rest of World – 2-4 Working Days

Please note – New Version D2L S2 is now available! Click here to see.

Additional information

Weight 19 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in
Choose Controller:

Eberspacher EasyStart Select Controller, Eberspacher EasyStart Timer, Eberspacher 801 (Not recommended with H-kit), Eberspacher EasyStart Remote+ Controller

High Altitude Kit:

None, High Altitude Kit

Marine Installation Kit:

None, Marine Installation Kit

Mounting Bracket:

None, Mounting Bracket – L Shape, Floor Mounting Bracket, Flat Mounting Plate, External Mounting Box

External Temperature Sensor:

None, External Temperature Sensor

Carbon Monoxide Alarm:

None, Kidde KID7COC, FireAngel CO-9XT-FF Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Smoke Alarm:

None, FireAngel ST-620 Smoke alarm


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