2002-2006 Sprinter Van Awning Bunk Arctic Tern Double-Pane RV Window Windows 43″ x 18″


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Arctic Tern Bunk Windows for your 2002-2006 Sprinter Van 

Arctic Tern Double-Pane RV Window (450x1100mm) [24-34mm]

American Inches measurements 43.30″ x17.72″

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The T1NSprinter Van bunk passenger or driver side window called Arctic Tern.

In Europe, almost all camper vans and motorhomes use Dometic Seitz-style Double-Pane RV Windows. This Arctic Tern Double-Pane RV Window (450x1100mm) has many advantages over typical North American camper van windows, including the following:

  • The windows are double-glazed and include an integrated day/night shade, providing much better thermal performance for keeping warmth in and heat out as needed
  • The integrated day/night shade is a much more versatile window covering than curtains, blinds or magnetic window coverings
  • The entire pane of the window swings out on gas struts, and can be positioned at angles of 20, 40 and 60 degrees.
  • The acrylic double-glazing makes for a window assembly that weighs 40% less than a typical single-pane glass RV window of a similar size.


Key Features: Arctic Tern Double-Pane RV Window (450x1100mm)

  •  Heavy-duty powder-coated aluminum alloy frame
  • Insulated UV-resistant acrylic double-pane glazing
  • Telescopic strut supports securely hold window open in a number of positions
  • Push-button locking handles
  • High-quality rubber seals
  • Full 1-year manufacturer’s warranty

These windows require window jambs to mount properly.

Documents: Arctic Tern Double-Pane RV Window (450x1100mm)

Note: It is important to understand that Arctic Tern double-pane RV windows have 3 sets of dimensions:

  • the cutout dimensions for the window opening
  • the frame dimensions of the window from the outside
  • the blind & screen assembly dimensions on the inside.

The blind & screen assembly dimensions are the largest dimensions on these windows, so they’re the most important measurements to consider (if you are using the blind/screen assembly, it is optional).

Before ordering, read the documents above and watch the “Considerations for Fitment” video. In brief:

  1. On the sides, you want a minimum of 3” flat surface beside the window from any support. On the top and bottom, you need a minimum of 1.5” flat surface from any support.
  2. The minimum wall thickness is 1” (actually 15/16”), so you cannot just clamp the window into place on the sheet metal. You will always need a wood or metal frame to make up the minimum thickness required.    To choose the window thickness that’s right for your build, you’ll want to estimate the thickness of the whole “sandwich” of your finished wall, including the van body, insulation, soundproofing, fabric, panelling, etc. The thickness you select determines the depth of the window bracket and the length of the screws we send you with the window.
  3. You must also make room for the blind/screen assembly on the inside of the van body, as the blind/screen assembly is larger than the external dimension of the window.
  4. Making a template for your install is a great idea, though the windows do not come with a template.

Specifications: Arctic Tern Double-Pane RV Window (450x1100mm)

Window Height x Width: 450 x 1100mm (17.7 x 43.3 in)
Cutout Height x Width: 453 x 1103mm (17.8 x 43.445 in)
Blind/Screen Height x Width: 525 x 1140mm (20.7 x 44.9 in)
Weight: 9.6 kg (21.2 lbs.)
Orientation: Top-hung
Wall Thickness: 24-34mm, 34-44mm, 44-54mm
Frame Color: Exterior: Jet black, Interior: Cream

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 12 × 5 in