Heaters Custom Engine Block Heater For 2005 5cyl 2.7L Engines sprinter vans




To obtain satisfactory results from your engine heater, please read the following information carefully. 

Do not use a T1N Sprinter Van engine heater when using a 100% solution of anti-freeze. After the heater has been installed according to instructions, have your service station or garage check your anti-freeze solution. On permanent type anti-freeze, a solution too strong as well as too weak will freeze. If your coolant freezes or congeals, it will stop the flow of liquid through the heater housing and hoses and cause the heater to burn out. Our heater guarantee is void when this happens or when there is evidence of inadequate coolant. 

To obtain maximum protection from freezing, consult your anti-freeze manufacturer’s recommendations. 

The heating element Should Not be energized while starting engine. An oil pressure switch for automatic cut off on stand-by equipment may be required. 


This heater must be installed and submerged into coolant before energizing. The element can burn out in seconds if not surrounded by coolant. If an exposed element is energized without being submerged it could burst and cause personal injury or damage. Use a 50/50 solution of antifreeze and water. Because of variations in local water supplies distilled water is preferred. 

If any stop leak is in the system, flush the coolant before installing heater. 

Installation Procedures 

1) Drain the cooling system, flush radiator and block. 

2) Remove plug from engine. 

3) Install O ring, fiber gasket or copper gasket that comes with the heater 

4) Install heater assembly and tighten O ring or fiber gasket to 30 Ft-lbs tighten 

copper gasket to 60 Ft-lbs 

5) Insert power cord connector firmly into socket, taking care to align pins with sockets of connector on cord. Tighten strain relief nut securely by hand. 

6) Be sure that heater element does not touch any cavity wall. Contact may cause 

element to prematurely fail

7) Route the cord to any convenient point and tie cord down. Keep cord away from 

hot surfaces and moving parts. 

8) Refill the coolant system. Check manufacturer’s instructions on mixture of anti- 

freeze. Do not use more that 60% anti-freeze. Use of non distilled water could result in lime or calcium buildup on elements and cause premature burn out of heater. Run engine until internal thermostat opens and continue running for 20 minutes to eliminate air pockets. Test drive the vehicle and Check for leaks. 10) Plug heater into power supply and test for proper operation. The block around 

the heater should get hot. The only way to check a heater is with an Ohms meter 

2004-2006 L5 – 2.7L, Diesel 3100105 3600083 38 MM THD LF N/A